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Geo-Flo Introduces NP Plus Non-Pressurized Flow Center

Bedford, Indiana, October 7, 2016 – Geo-Flo Products Corporation announced today the addition of a new model to its line of NP Series™ non-pressurized systems. The NP Series is a family of non-pressurized flow centers used for closed-loop geothermal (ground source) heat pump systems. The NP Series flow center uses a water column to provide the necessary suction head for the circulator pump(s), and to ensure a flooded pump volute. The water column acts as an expansion tank and air/dirt separator.

The latest addition to the NP Series product line is the NP Plus™ flow center. The original NP Series non-pressurized flow centers were introduced in 2013, and have been very popular. Built-in 3-way flush valves, pressure/vacuum relief, and Flo-Link double O-ring fittings drastically changed the non-pressurized flow center market. The new NP Plus builds upon the success of the NP, providing more features for less cost. Customers have asked for an easier to install, yet more flexible product, as well as a larger cap on top of the tank.

The NP Plus includes an external 3-way flushing/purging valve, a set of ground loop adapters, and a 56% larger cap than the NP Flow Center. The NP Plus is designed for ease of installation for a ground loop application with an outside header. All of the components needed for connecting to the ground loop are included. A hose kit or a set of Flo-Link double O-ring adapters is all that is required for connection to the heat pump. The original NP series will still be available for contractors who like to install the ground loop header indoors. The latest installation manual is online at



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