Geo-Flo Announces First Calculators Updates for 2018

Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you in the New Year on your geothermal and hydronic applications. In 2018, we’ll continue to update the Calculators Suite based upon user feedback and better functionality. 

Calculators Updates ...

The first update of 2018 involves the Geothermal Expansion Tank Calculator. Last year we updated the Calculator based upon the Expansion Tank White Paper completed earlier in the year. Since not all data for expansion tanks clearly show the tank volume vs. acceptance volume, the latest update in version 2.1 (click on Geothermal Expansion Tank Calculator in the Pump Sizing section) includes tank selection and Geo-Flo part number (see screen shot of output, below). The example below shows how the acceptance volume (0.7 U.S. gallons) corresponds to the tank selection (2.1 gallons, 0.8 gallons acceptance volume) at the example temperatures and pressures selected (20 to 40 psig and 40F to 90F) and percentage of HPDE pipe (99%) used in the Calculator.

2018 Geo-Flo Product Catalog

The latest Geo-Flo catalog has been uploaded to the website. There are many new geothermal and hydronic products, some of which are highlighted below.

One of the biggest challenges in our industry right now is finding installation and service techs. Geo-Flo's product development efforts over the past few years have focused on labor-reducing solutions. Check out the latest products in the catalog that can help decrease installation time and increase your competitive advantage. Let us know if we can be any assistance.

Check out our "How to Buy" link to find your nearest Geo-Flo sales partner.

Coming in 2018

Geo-Flo will be expanding its video library in 2018. Watch for updates in this e-news!

Geo-Flo News (location of video library)

Thank you for your business in 2017. We look forward to working with you in 2018!
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