Design and Installation of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems for Commercial and Residential Buildings


There are a number of GSHP standards, guidelines and best practices available, but standardization through a neutral third party accredited process for the design and installation of ground source heat pump systems in the U.S. has not been available until now. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) worked with subject-matter-experts from across North America with a vision to harmonize the differences between existing resources, simplify referencing in regulations and contracts, incorporate the latest advancements, clarify compliance using standards language, and provide credibility through an accredited neutral standards development process. The bi-national committee members included leaders from industry, trade and professional associations, utilities drillers, installers, manufacturers, regulators, designers / engineers and researchers / academia. With a performance-based approach, the best practices and requirements from equipment and material selection to commissioning and decommissioning is now included under one cover.

The final document is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and CSA standard, providing U.S. and Canadian references. Geo-Flo participated in the development of the new standard, and recommends the use of the new standard for any application requiring written specifications or as a reference for general design/installation guidelines. The new standard may be purchased at the CSA website at ANSI/CSA C448-2016. ANSI/CSA C448 is a "must have" for all individuals active in the geothermal heat pump industry.