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Geo-Flo Adds Large Residential/Light Commercial Non Pressurized Flow Center Product Line

Bedford, Indiana, December 10, 2015 – Geo-Flo Products Corporation announced today the addition of a new model to its line of NP Series non-pressurized systems. The NP Series is a family of non-pressurized flow centers used for closed-loop geothermal (ground source) heat pump systems. The NP Series flow center uses a water column to provide the necessary suction head for the circulator pump(s), and to ensure a flooded pump volute. The water column acts as an expansion tank and and air/dirt separator.

The latest addition to the NP Series product line is the NP Multi™ flow center. The NP Multi is specifically designed for applications with three to five geothermal heat pumps with factory assembled heat pump manifolds, isolation valves, Ts and flush ports. Simply connect the ground loop to the flow center ground loop connections, and the heat pumps to the factory-assembled manifolds. A choice of variable speed pumping (a zone valve is installed for each heat pump) or constant speed pumping with a pump(s) for each heat pump provides application flexibility. By incorporating flushing valves into the flow center, the ground loop may be flushed without adding external flush ports, saving installation time and additional cost. Plus, piping becomes much simpler. There is no easier method available on the market today for three to five geothermal heat heat pump installations


Specifically designed for three to five geothermal heat pump applications (up to 25-30 tons)

Non-pressurized operation

Built-in flush valves allow flushing/purging air, directly at the flow center

High density polyethylene (HDPE) tank

Heavy gauge powder-coated steel cabinet

Completely foam insulated cabinet helps pre­vent condensation at low temperatures

• Slight tube for monitoring water level

Selection of variable speed or constant speed pumps

• Constant Speed: Selection of Grundfos UPS26-99 3-speed or UP26-116 single speed pumps

• Variable Speed: Selection of Grundfos Magna3 insulated pump (single, 2 in parallel or 2 in series)

Pressure/vacuum relief cap never lets the tank go into a vacuum or above 13 psig

Internal check valves prevent short cycling (for constant speed systems)

Design allows pump replacement without re-flushing

• Free online Design Calculator



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